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Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  WhatsApp & YouTube have become far too powerful

They appear to be abusing this power:

  • Banning Wallstreetbets chatrooms

  • Removing users from their platforms

  • Banning content that would have impacted the US elections

  • Keeping child pornography on their sites

  • Closing down parler,com 



We will provide links to FREE and paid applications that allow you to block any website you choose.​

Use unsubscribe links to stop Google tracking you once you have left their site.   Your data is used against you and make Google BILLIONS!

We provide alternatives websites to replace Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  WhatsApp & YouTube

Tell your friends & family to spread the word.   We have seen what the group WallStreetBets did to Hedge Funds shorting decent companies.

If you have heard enough and want to block big tech! 


Click here to TAKE ACTION!


All of these companies require users.   They only have such astronomical values because of the users adding content and reading this content.   Advertisers are willing to pay higher fees for sites with more users.

If we all block their sites the adverting revenues will drop dramatically.

This will reduce the valuations for these companies.

The Oligarchs who run these sites lose money and have less influence on our lives.   If you believe they have abused this power.   BLOCK THEM and watch their power diminish.

If you have heard enough and want to block big tech! 


Click here to TAKE ACTION!


Big Tech (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  WhatsApp & YouTube) have been using their power to suppress the news.


They use their power to:

  • Manipulating our search results

  • Spying on us

  • Data breaches

  • Manipulating our purchases

  • Hiding information from our timeline 

If you have heard enough and want to block big tech!  


Click here to TAKE ACTION!

Jan 21(Project Vertitas)

Twitter Senior Executive Details Plans for Political Censorship on a Global Scale

‘A Lot of the Work That We've Been Doing Over the Last Week is Work That We’ve Built on in Other Places…This is Our Global Approach’.

 Watch the video

Jan 31 (Project Vertitas)

New Facebook Insider Leaks Video of Zuckerberg and Executives Admitting to Their Excessive Power 

Democratically Agreed Rules Don’t Exist’  Watch Video

Jan 21 (Financial Times)

Parler sues Amazon for cutting its service due to ‘political animus’

 The social network Parler has sued Amazon, arguing the ecommerce group’s decision to cut off web hosting services to the platform after the assault on the US Capitol by a mob supporting Donald Trump was illegal and violated antitrust laws.  Read more...

Jan 29 (INC.COM)

Mark Zuckerberg Is Worried Apple's Privacy Changes Could Be the End of Facebook

For Facebook, a company whose entire business model is built on the ability to track users, collect their data, and then sell targeted ads based on all of that information, losing the ability to track users could be a real problem.  Read more...

Jan 14 (New York Times)

 In Sri Lanka and Myanmar, Facebook kept up posts that it had been warned contributed to violence. In India, activists have urged the company to combat posts by political figures targeting Muslims.  Read more...

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